Wood is our life

The German Timber Company

The GTC German Timber Company GmbH is an internationally operating timber trading company in the round and sawn timber sector. Our purchasing areas are in Europe and America and we supply the markets in the Near, Middle and Far East.

Customer satisfaction is the central focus of our activities. Our employees have many years of experience in the wood and logistics industry and convince our customers with customized supply chain management concepts and optimized logistics solutions.

Our company was founded in September 2014 by Schuster-HOLZ-Team GmbH, the former marketing company of Bien-Holz GmbH.
Fields of activity: Distribution of pallet elements from Germany and the Baltic States to the Gulf States, India and Korea. Distribution of hardwood logs and hardwood lumber to China and Japan.

In April 2018 the shares of Schuster-HOLZ-Team GmbH in GTC were bought by Mr. Yue Mi, owner of Western Coast Enterprise Ltd. from BC/Canada. Fields of activity: Export of sawn timber from Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Belarus and Scandinavia. Export of round timber from Germany, Belgium, France, Poland and Czech Republic. Establishment of central wood transshipment centers for round timber and sawn timber and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of timber logistics.

Since April 2018, GTC has developed from a supplier for niche markets to a reliable supplier for commodity markets. With an export volume of over 100,000 Huber of logs per month, GTC is now one of the leading log export companies in Germany.